Modular Home Bedroom with Fireplace and Wood Floor
Modular Home Bedroom with Fireplace

Dear Home Store friends – Dick, Hilary, James, Andy and others who have helped my wife and me. Friends are what I feel you have become after the intense trust-based relationship of the last 6 months.

I wanted to say that I am in total agreement with the description of your service philosophy found on The Home Store page of your factor’s website.

We believe that The Home Store’s extraordinary customer service philosophy is our defining feature. Our history of specializing in custom modular home designs means we are finely attuned to the diverse needs of our customers. Instead of trying to impose what we want on the customer, we listen carefully to each individual and strive to satisfy his or her specific requirements for modular home prices and specifications. By selling with integrity and providing custom assistance, we ensure that our clients always know what they are getting – and are delighted with the results.

What you have written describes to a “T” the things we have experienced from all of you. To use an old phrase, thanks for putting into practice what you preach! We ARE delighted.

I would like to mention a special thanks to Hilary. I appreciate all the support she has given me over the phone, and by email, and in following up on things, looking into stuff like building codes, communicating on my behalf to the factory and their HERS rater, etc. All this shows a great dedication to customer support and service.

Will & Barbara
South Hamilton, MA

The Home Store is not just a home builder. The staff and President are committed to building relationships with their clients. Total commitment and communication were such a priority with The Homes Store. I was surprised at the extra mile that The Home Store extended itself to go.

Laura & Ed
Stormville, NY

I must say that we believe you have a good product and have an excellent service department. It is rare these days to find a company that stands behind their product and that makes a big difference when recommending a company.

Jim & Karen
Oxford, CT

We have always appreciated the fine people working for The Home Store. They are friendly and knowledgeable. On the whole, if they don’t know an answer, they will find it out. We also love the final product.

Jim & Gerry
Hadley, MA

Modular Home Master Bathroom with Cherry Double Vanities and Linen Cabinets
Modular Home Master Bathroom

I would like to formally commend your staff and contractors for all their help, patience and quality work.

Building a home is a very stressful time, and many people who have done so will never do so again. We are happy to say that with help of The Home Store’s staff stress was kept to a minimal level and if we were to build another home we would by all means go to The Home Store.

When we had questions or a problem, your staff’s prompt and professional attention was greatly appreciated. Often when there are many people involved it is hard to keep the line off communication open and moving. This was accomplished by your staff many times with grace and accuracy.

Maria & Michael
Newtown, Connecticut

I would like to send out our sincere thanks to all of you for outstanding service along with an outstanding product!!!  Patti and I could not be any happier with The Home Store.  The quality of your products far exceeded our expectations!

As for Oscar Elmasian our contractor, what a true professional.  All of his subs have been outstanding!  For a GC to give you email contact information, cell phone and home phone information shows me not only does he stand by his men and their work, but it also shows how much he cares for our happiness with your product.  Always returning calls and emails in a timely manner, never once leaving me to wonder if he was going to get back to me.  What a relief to finally find people who do what they say they are going to do….and then some!

The Home Store should be proud to have someone like Oscar Elmasian (K&O Builders) supporting your product.  Rhank you again for an outstanding job.

Please pass along a huge “Thank You” to all of the men and woman at your facility that put the attention to detail in building our home.  WOW!!!

Greg and Patti
Sharon, Massachusetts

As we sat here snug as can be while watching our granddaughter playing outside in the snow, I was reminded once again of my oft-stated intent to write to you and tell you how happy we are with our new home-something I was never moved to do with any of the seven stick-built homes we built.

Modular Home Galley Kitchen with Island and Maple Cabinets
Modular Home Galley Kitchen

The design of the home had to accommodate our wheelchair-bound grandson and all his medical equipment. We would be unable to leave our home in North Carolina to monitor home construction because of the complexity of our grandson’s care needs.

There were various lot considerations, again because of our grandson. There were significant time constraints in getting commitments on the lot, financing, permits-and in having the home ready for occupancy on time.

I will never cease to be amazed, even after the extensive reference-checking I had done, that you and your terrific staff did it all to perfection, on time at all critical dates, and on budget right down to the penny. There were no surprises, no disappointments. Come to think of it, there were no problems at all during the construction process. We never even saw the house until just before we moved in, yet it was just as we expected it to be. There were a few very minor problems on move-in day: the dryer wasn’t properly vented and the front door latch didn’t work right-but you had people out there immediately to deal with those problems. We laughed when we looked at the 30-day call-back list we were asked to prepare for you. Except for a few ding-marks caused by the movers and a downspout that needed to be moved, there really wasn’t much to be done. In our prior experiences, that would have been a 7-page list!

I know much of that had to do with your own personal commitment to helping a couple of old folks with a very special child. (I remember Chris saying, Oh, it will happen; once he gets that look in his eye, you know it will happen!) Still, I don’t know another builder in the world who would have felt that personal commitment. It’s just the kind of person you are.

Modular Home Stairs with Balcony in Two-Story Vaulted Foyer
Modular Home Stairs in Vaulted Foyer

We were confident at the outset that the house would be much better built than a stick-built home (you have a wonderful handout that explains why that is so). Still, the house vastly exceeds our expectations. Others around us in their stick-built homes likely have problems with uneven heating, dry air, drafts, poor craftsmanship, water in the basement, grading problems and the like-but we have none of those problems.

We hope never to move from this home, but if for some reason we had to do so, we’d certainly want you to build our next home as well. Thank you for so much!

Julie and Clyde
Belchertown, Massachusetts

I wish to commend you and your staff on a job well done. My husband and I were extremely impressed with all members of the team that set our house. Each man was professional, hard working, experienced and courteous. We were amazed at the teamwork continuously portrayed throughout a long, hard day of work. Every member of the team knew their job and conducted it smoothly and promptly. We even on occasion saw men running from our location to another to expedite the process.

Brenda and Jim
Hatfield, Massachusetts

The Home Store did a professional job in preparing me for delivery, set & my walk through. I am thoroughly satisfied with their honest and objective approach to this phase of the project. One simple statement: You deliver what you promise, when you promise and for the price you promised.

Modular Home Foyer Entry with 2 Columns
Modular Home Foyer Entry

My greatest surprise was the accuracy of the timeline for delivery and set coupled with the professionalism of The Home Store staff, including Doug Pease & Amy Szalony. It was crystal clear to me that these two individuals knew their business inside & out.

I appreciate the helpful assistance and advice of the sales staff including Dick Wood. Although my sister and I probably drove him crazy with questions and requests, he never ceased in his quest to make changes and find answers. I also appreciate the tireless and helpful assistance of Jen Perry.

I can’t seem to find any significant faults for The Home Store. Hats off to The Home Store! I will continue to sing your praises to all who come into contact with my new home. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Lowell, MA

Being able to walk through our future home (we bought the two story model house) was a huge advantage. It allowed The Home Store to show us in a tangible way what other companies could only show us on paper.

Ron & Heather
Fitchburg, MA

We’re pleased to see the project proceeding so well, given the weather, etc. I’m sure you’d be the first to admit that winter is not the ideal season for building a house, but you did not dissuade us from going ahead, for which we are glad.

Denzel and Clarinda
Leverett, Massachusetts

Salesman Dick Wood inspires confidence in the process. He impresses me as honest, trustworthy and conservative in his estimates and recommendations. I am also impressed with Mr. Gianino’s text on the facets of modular home building. Very detailed.

Lowell, MA

Thank you for making our dream home a reality. We are very happy in our new house and moved in 5 days before our 2nd child was born. Our family feels very much at home.

Michael & Jennifer
Union, CT

It’s so nice to be dealing with a company that goes beyond what it ‘has to.’ We are designing and building a home long distance. The lot is in MA; we are in NC. Our emails are answered quickly allowing us to make quicker decisions. Brian Holmes has made the process (so far) relatively painless.

Don & Ernestine
New Braintree, MA

Dick Wood & Hilary were great & very helpful. –Dick I’ll keep sending you customers. We hope to do another in 2-3 years, we’ll be in touch. – The guys that were sent out to replace my countertops & cabinet doors were very professional and knowledgeable, paid extreme attention to detail, and are excellent representatives of your company. A job well done!

Tolland, MA

Modular Home Bathroom with Whirlpool Tub and Cherry Cabinets
Modular Home Bathroom with Whirlpool Tub

Working with Dick Wood and Mike Barna, both were extremely professional and helpful. My wife and I changed our minds many times and Dick was very patient through all the changes. Dick was very helpful to us in designing our home. His knowledge of modular homes and design layout is exceptional. He was able to guide us to final design that we were happy with. We appreciate him taking the extra time and effort on our project.

Jeffery & Michelle
Easthampton, MA

The reason I selected The Home Store was that it offered high quality, a 10 year warranty, and the best value for the money. We think that The Home Store representation from Brian Holmes and his staff was above our expectations and were a pleasure to deal with.

Steve & Julie
Somers, CT

Modular Home Living Room Furnished and with 2 Circle Top Windows
Modular Home Living Room

I had complete trust in working with you. Basically you helped Pad and me a great deal with our first home. Pad and I also learned much about the building of it.

Please thank Andy for his generosity to me to be willing to go beyond The Home Store boundaries to help me.

It has been my pleasure to have the experience of working with such a fine group as all at The Home Store have been. I continue to sing your praise to anyone who ever entered our home. I wish you all the best.

Northfield, MA

Overall, we are happy we selected The Home Store for our vendor. The house is not complete yet, but the best comment we get is .Oh, we never would have guessed this is a modular.

Peter & Aubrey
Great Barrington, MA

After meeting with Dick Wood on two occasions we felt very comfortable working with him. Price and design strongly influenced our decision. Dick was very helpful and knowledgeable without being overbearing.

Alan & Patricia
Goshen, MA

Recently, my husband and I used your company to put an addition on our home. After hearing so many contractor horror stories I was delighted to meet Jack. Jack did most of the work on our addition himself. He took special care, as though he was working on his own house and also answered all of our questions and concerns in a timely manner.

I am very pleased with our new addition, and especially with the quality of workmanship.

Gina and Greg
Enfield, Connecticut

The interior of my house looked much better than I thought it would! I was surprised at how finished everything was – I had no idea it would look so good the day of set. Overall I’m very pleased with the Home Store, the house is better than I thought it would be and 3 weeks after set I’m still thrilled!

West Chesterfield, MA

You made it very easy to help me find and create my home. The set crew was wonderful and very professional. The house itself is very well manufactured! I wish we would have listened to your advice and hired you as the contractor as well for all the work.

Chicopee, MA

The Home Store people are very friendly and helpful. Overall, an impressive operation with a high quality product.

Enfield, CT

The design of the house is great!! The pre-set crew and the carpenters were very professional & informative. The final product looks fabulous!

Belchertown, MA

It’s just a damn nice house, better than expected, and I expected good stuff!

Cannan, NY

When a house like ours is constructed, I am sure that there are many thousands of items to be completed. If I were to except perfection in every item, I would be doomed to disappointment.

Modular Home Chalet Cape with Cathedral Ceiling and Stone Fireplace and Chimney
Modular Home Chalet with Stone Fireplace

When Ann and I came to your model home, I literally pulled her out of the building, saying, we cannot afford this house. She cried, and I said, OK lets see what it will cost. When we sat down with you I was very impressed with your kind and sincere attitude. I knew I could never coordinate all the many specialties required to build a house like this and be there to see things were being done correctly. Your turnkey operation was what we needed. So I sat there, (quietly I hope,) and let Ann choose the house of her dreams.

As the weeks went by, and the tile, and decks, and carpentry were completed I was left in awe. Jack put up with the many notes and reminders that Ann and I left and never complained once. He said to me on the phone Bill, all I want is for you and Ann to be happy.

Andy, we are very happy. When we come down in the morning, with the sun streaming in we just look at each other and laugh in amazement. It is just beautiful, and we thank you and especially Jack. We hope you will find in time in your busy life to pay us a visit.

Bill and Ann
Becket, Massachusetts

We’d like to thank and congratulate The Home Store and the entire staff for a fine job on our new home. You delivered a lot for the money, in terms of living space, quality and design assistance. Most importantly, you stood by your promise to make the final product meet our standards.

Modular Home Office with Built-In Desk and Oak Cabinets
Modular Home Office

We did not expect the undertaking to be problem-free but, considering the special requirements for our Echo Housing, there were only a few problems and those were handled to our ultimate satisfaction. While the factory used the good construction methods and standards employed by the modular construction industry, it’s The Home Store that corrected the mistakes and transformed the raw product into the home we expected.

Now that we’ve got almost all our things put away and installed properly, our little apartment is functioning beautifully and looks great. Our experiment with living on the same property with our daughter and her family is working out beautifully; it’s a synergistic life style with everyone contributing to the betterment of all.

Burt and Ferne
Amherst, Massachusetts

On behalf of all of us at News 40, thank you for allowing us to use your model home and making Safe Kids Week a great success. We have heard from many viewers and the United Way is inundated with calls from people asking questions and seeking additional information. Certainly people are thinking about the important issues raised during our week on the road. Our hope is that children in our community will be spared injury because of our joint effort.

Kathy Tobin, News Director
Jeff Scheidecker, Director of Station Operations
Mark Bartos, Local Sales Manager