Modular Home Photo Gallery

We have divided our Photo Gallery into five sections for easy viewing of over 400 modular home pictures.

Our One-Story Gallery includes photos of our Ranch, T-Ranch, and Raised Ranch style home designs. Our Cape Cod Gallery includes pictures of our Traditional Cape Cod and T/H Cape Cod style home plans. Our Two-Story Gallery includes photos of our Traditional Two-Story and T/H Two-Story style house designs. Our Home Interiors Gallery includes pictures of Accessible Universal Design, Baths & Utility Rooms, Bedrooms & Offices, Foyers & Stairs, Kitchens & Nooks, and Living Areas, including Dining Rooms, Family Rooms and Great Rooms.

When looking through our gallery of modular home photos for two-story, cape cod, and one story homes, notice which features excite you the most so that we can help you incorporate them into your modular home designs. You might see an exterior elevation that you really like, but then discover that the modular house designs you want don’t capture that look. For example, you may see a steeper roof with several gables and dormers in one of the modular house photos, but the modular home designs you’re looking at don’t exhibit those features. The good news is that we usually can add them to the prefab home designs you’re considering so you don’t have to compromise on the additional space and exterior elegance you seek.

The same opportunities with custom modular home designs apply to the interior modular home picture gallery. When looking at each photo, imagine your furniture is in the rooms. Think about traffic flow into the adjoining rooms. Imagine your family and friends in the main living areas. Visualize how everyone would use the bathrooms. Make sure the kitchen has ample cabinets and each room has sufficient closet space. Don’t worry if you get excited by modular house photos with circle top windows or coffered ceilings, but then discover that the prefab house designs that interest you are missing these features. We can add them to the modular home designs that best meet your needs. Since we are a custom modular home builder, you can even ask us to combine features from multiple modular house pictures to capture the look you value. This is why we have not identified which prefab home designs were used by our customers to create the interior look captured in the interior prefab home pictures. In short, you can apply most of the layouts and features to many other modular house designs in addition to the actual ones used by our customers.

Here are a few questions to help you get the most out of our modular home photo gallery:

  • Which exterior modular house pictures will fit best in your new neighborhood?
  • Do you prefer the modular home photos that show the garage entrance from the front or the side?
  • Do you like the modular house photos with front porches?
  • What type of window and door plans work best for your views?
  • Which captures your fancy more – French doors or sliders to your rear deck or patio?
  • Are you planning on circle top, transom, and palladium windows?
  • What do like about the room layouts displayed in the prefab home photos? What would you change?
  • Are the spaces exhibited in the modular house photos the right size for you and your family?
  • Are the layouts shown in the prefabricated house photos the right size for entertaining your extended family and friends?
  • What room arrangements captured in the modular home pictures will allow you to take advantage of the sun?
  • Do you prefer the modular home photos that show an informal family room separate from a more formal living room or do you favor the look and functionality of an open great room?
  • Do you prefer an informal eating area (“nook”) separate from a more formal dining room?
  • What type of space do you need for a study or home office?
  • Which kitchen arrangements pictured in the prefab home photos would work best for you?
  • Will you want a kitchen island, and if so, what size and should it have a raised breakfast counter as shown in several of the prefab home pictures?
  • Do you prefer the look of maple, cherry, oak or some other material for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry?
  • What color stain do you want for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry?
  • Do the modular home photos of cathedral and vaulted ceilings excite you?
  • Which master bath layouts will best meet your needs
  • Is having a fireplace important to you?
  • Are you intending to add built-in bookshelves or an entertainment center to the prefab house designs you are considering?
  • If you are favoring one of our Cape Cod or two-story modular home designs, what type of stair plan and railings would you like?
  • Do you value the look of skylights?
  • Is a wet bar of interest to you?
  • Do the pictures of the large formal foyers with vaulted ceilings and wrap around balconies interest you?

In addition to our modular home photo gallery, we offer the largest selection of custom modular home designs in New England, the Hudson Valley, and Long Island. In fact, we have many other modular house designs in addition to those shown on our website. If none of our modular prefab designs work for you, we will help you design and build the custom modular house design of your dreams. Our extensive experience in the design and construction of modular prefabricated designs enables us to create uniquely attractive homes – homes with quality, style, and distinction.

We’d also like to invite you to view our two model homes at our modular home store in Whately, Massachusetts. One model is built from our award-winning T-ranch style home designs. The second is based on our most popular two story colonial custom modular home design. For more information on visiting our model home center to view our unique modular homes, click Why Visit Us.

Please contact us at 413-665-1266 ext. 13 if you would like to discuss the type of modular house designs that will best meet your needs.

Modular Home Handbook

For more ideas about how to design a modular home, purchase a copy of The Modular Home, by Andrew Gianino, President of The Home Store. The chapter on designing a modular home will answer most of your questions.