Checklist for Your Modular Dealer and Financing Tasks

Here is a list of tasks that you and your modular dealer and modular lender must complete before your home can be delivered (assuming you are not using private funds).

  • Sign a contract with the modular dealer
  • Apply for financing
  • Receive the dealer’s first draft of the modular preliminary plans and specifications
  • Meet with the dealer to revise the modular plans and specifications
  • Specify where the GC wants to locate the electrical meter on the modular home
  • Design the second story floor plan for the unfinished cape or attic
  • Tell the dealer what special building codes are enforced by the building department
  • Tell the dealer what matching materials the GC needs to complete the site-built structures
  • Tell the dealer what rough openings the GC wants framed in the modular home
  • Tell the dealer what site-installed flooring and baseboard specifications the GC wants for the modular home
  • Receive the dealer’s second draft of the modular preliminary plans and specifications
  • Meet with the dealer to sign off on the plans and specifications
  • Authorize the dealer to complete the modular permit plans
  • Pay the dealer the balance of the required deposit
  • Receive the dealer’s modular permit plans
  • Deliver a copy of the bank’s commitment letter to the dealer
  • Deliver a copy of the building permit to the dealer
  • Deliver the bank’s assignment of funds letter to the dealer
  • Authorize the dealer to build the modular home
  • Send the dealer a certificate of insurance
  • Pay the dealer the modular balance due in full
  • Remain present during the delivery and set
  • Complete a walk-through inspection for warranty work and material shortages

For more information about your modular dealer and modular lender tasks, see Financing a Modular Home in my book The Modular Home. For a detailed schedule of when each of these tasks must be completed, see Building a Modular Home on Schedule also in my book.