Checklist to Ensure You Are Ready Willing and Able to Build a Modular Home

It takes most customers awhile to shop for a new home. When they’re finally ready to build, the last thing they want is to be slowed down by some unanticipated steps. Unfortunately, that’s what usually happens. Most customers are surprised by these delays because they haven’t given enough thought to what they need to do to be ready, willing, and able to build their modular home.

Steps to Be Ready Willing and Able to Build a Modular Home

Personal Situation

  • Start a new job
  • Get married
  • Welcome a new baby
  • Say goodbye to your oldest child
  • Receive an inheritance
  • Receive an insurance settlement
  • Close on the sale of your house or have no house to sell


  • Home style
  • Home specifications
  • Modular dealer
  • Scope of on-site contracting work
  • General contractor

Building Lot

  • Purchase or receive as gift
  • Survey
  • Subdivide

Town Approvals

  • Zoning board
  • Planning board
  • Wetlands
  • Septic design
  • Building Permit


  • Lender financing or a sufficient source of private funds
  • Acceptable debt
  • Acceptable credit

Cash to Cover

  • Mortgage down payment
  • Bank and legal fees
  • Carrying costs during construction
  • Dealer deposit requirements
  • GC deposit requirements

Some of the steps will only take a day or two to complete, but others can take months. The sooner you identify where you stand with each step, the sooner you’ll be able to form a realistic schedule and begin working on overcoming any obstacles.

Even if you’re facing delays, we recommend that you sign a contract with the dealer and contractor as soon as you’ve selected them. Otherwise, you may unwittingly create even more delays. To protect yourself, make sure your contracts include the contingencies mentioned in my checklist, “What You Need in Your Modular Home Contract”.

For a more information about being ready willing and able to build a modular home, see Building a Modular Home on Schedule in The Modular Home by Andy Gianino, President of The Home Store.